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Founder, UTD Education Services

Phetmany (Churn Churn) pioneered UTD Education Services with the heart to help everyone achieve their educational success. She was once a top student at university. Now, she sees beyond herself to lead a delicate team of students to pursue education abroad with confidence. Throughout many years with UTD, she has been one of the influencers and continues to pivot UTD Education with the highest number of successful and happy students.

Her life motto is, "be the best version of yourself."

I am born in Singapore!


Co-founder, UTD Education Services

I grew up in the fascinating cityscape of Singapore. While my loving heart of Singapore, I am always enchanted by Laos' culture. Everyone knows my number one love of Laos is food. My Lao name is, "Phanthamith", which was given by my Lao's relative. I love it because it symbolises the building of a relationship, and I always hope to deepen my ties through happiness and trust. My passion for UTD Education extends to my experiences and achievements to enrich education. I feel no education is complete if it does not inspire more success for more people.

Our Specializations and Certificates

Top Class Honors' Degree in Marketing Management

Top Class Honors' Degree in International Business Management

Service Excellence Certificate by the Singapore Governments

Coaching, People and Relationship Management

Student Coaching by James Cook University 

Digital Business and Artificial Intelligence by IBM

Hospitality and Tourism Management

Cyber Security and Hacking

Study abroad and Internship Experiences

Career Coaching and Resume Writing in English

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