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Summer Camp

Explore the joy of teenage life with our Summer Course Program in Singapore, Australia, UK and more. Learn English authentically, stay with a welcoming homestay family, and safely discover the world. UTD Education's attentive staff makes it the perfect starting point for your study abroad adventure.

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UTD Summer Camp Programs

UTD annually organizes a diverse range of Summer Camp programs in exciting locations like Singapore, Australia, and the United Kingdom. These programs are thoughtfully designed to be suitable for students aged 10 and above, providing a unique and enriching experience that goes beyond traditional learning.

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UTD Summer Camp

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Why Summer Camp with UTD?

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Improve English skills

Experience an authentic language environment during the summer course, fostering the development of language skills and boosting confidence, particularly in speaking and listening.

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Experience life with a host family.

Immerse yourself in a local family, gaining insights into diverse cultures. Forge lasting connections with your host family that will be cherished forever.

Children's Outdoor Activity

Enjoy a Variety of Activities

Expand your horizons through city and countryside travel excursions, explore renowned landmarks on enriching field trips, and partake in a multitude of skill-enhancing activities with friends.

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Your Journey, Our Leader

Rest assured as our experienced group leader accompanies and looks after you throughout the trip, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience.

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Make friends from around the world.

Chance to make friends from various countries, enhance your English skills, and exchange cool cultures to take your language proficiency to the next level.

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Discover the joy of independence and self-reliance as you embark on an empowering journey with us

Pictures from our summer camp

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