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UTD Education

UTD stands for UP-TO-DATE. In English, it means developing your knowledge to be up-to-date all the time. In Lao, it means staying in a good place.


All two languages gather to form the vision of UTD which provides a great education to all students.

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UTD Education

Phetmany (Churn Churn) pioneered UTD Education Services with the heart to help everyone achieve their educational success. She was once a top student at university. Now, she sees beyond herself to lead a delicate team of students to pursue education abroad with confidence.

Throughout many years with UTD, she has been one of the influencers and continues to pivot UTD Education with the highest number of successful and happy students.

Her life motto is, "be the best version of yourself."


& Vision

" We Promote Education and Inspire Success "

UTD's mission is to serve as a comprehensive hub, offering a one-stop service to equip individuals for studying abroad. 

" To Be The Best Place for Education that Remains Relevant to The Future "

Our vision is to empower every young person in Laos to communicate confidently in English and ultimately provide them with the chance to experience international exposure.

Why us?

  • Expert Guidance

  • Professional Experience

  • Global Networking

  • Trustworthy

Where we’re located?

UTD Education Office

Mobile: +856 20 54 289 291

Khaoyoth Avenue,

Rue Samsenthai,

(Main Street opposite Phiawut School)

Sisattanak District,

Vientiane Province,


Monday - Saturday:

9 AM - 5 PM


9 AM - 12 PM

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