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IELTS cancellation and transfer policy for IELTS Academic and General Training

  • IELTS cancellation and refund policy

You are not eligible for refund but you can request to transferring your test date with a fee charge. Exemptions from this policy include:

  • Serious illness or medical incident (such as hospital admission or a major injury)

  • Bereavement - loss of a close family member

  • Hardship or trauma (such as being a victim of crime or involved in a traffic accident)

  • military service

Please submit your exception request in writing to the test center no later than the first working day after your scheduled test date. Supporting evidence must accompany your request within five working days of the scheduled test date. Requests lacking supporting evidence cannot be considered.

Our test center will provide a response within seven working days. If your exception request is approved, you may transfer to a new test date free of charge. If not approved, the standard transfer process will apply to "IELTS test date transfer policy" as detailed below.


  • IELTS test date transfer policy

You can transfer your registration to another test date up to two weeks before the test date, provided there is availability on the date you wish to transfer to. However, a fee of $45 USD will be charged for this service.


  • Test centre exceptions

Under certain circumstances beyond our control, such as extreme weather, natural disasters, civil unrest, or technical issues at the venue, we may need to cancel your test. In such cases, we will provide you with alternative options for transferring to a future test date.

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