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When will I get my IELTS exam band score?

You will not have to wait long for your British Council IELTS exam results.

IELTS on Computer, you can preview your results 3 to 5 calendar days from the test date. 

Please note: we cannot disclose your IELTS results via email or over the phone. You can check your results on the Test Taker Portal

Your results will also be available to view online after they are released. These do not provide an official confirmation of your performance, however – for that, you’ll need your IELTS Test Report Form.

How can I get copies of my Test Report Form?

Most institutions require original IELTS Test Report Forms; photocopies aren't accepted. However, if you've taken IELTS on computer, you can print or email your eTRF.

We can send up to five additional copies of your Test Report Form directly to your chosen institutions (e.g., universities, companies, immigration offices). Please provide the relevant addresses on the Test Taker Portal within two years of your test date.

While paper versions are common, some institutions now accept electronic IELTS scores. Check with your local test center before sending hard copies or requesting us to do so.

Can I retake one test section to improve my score?

IELTS One Skill Retake allows you get your desired test score without retaking the full test. If you want to improve your score on one test skill, you can retake any of the four IELTS skills – Listening, Reading, Writing, or Speaking within 60 days of your original test date. IELTS One Skill Retake is currently only available for IELTS on Computer bookings. 

What is the


Report Form?

The IELTS Test Report Form (or TRF) is the official confirmation of your test result that can be shared as proof of your English language proficiency. This can either be a paper copy or an electronic version (eTRF).

  • Paper Test Report Forms (TRF)

If you have taken IELTS on computer, your results would be available 3-5 days after your test date. The paper copy of the TRF can be collected in person at the test centre or delivered by post.

  • Electronic Test Report Forms (eTRF)

If you've taken IELTS Online or on computer, your results will be available electronically only. You can download the eTRF from the Test Taker portal 3-8 days after your test. We will not issue an additional paper Test Report Forms.

You can print or email the eTRF to your chosen organizations, or send the results directly through the portal. For any inquiries or if you lose your TRF,
please contact us.

Can I have sections of the test re-marked?

To inquire about your test results or request a re-mark of any section, submit an Enquiry on Results (EOR) request within six weeks of your test date.


You can do this online via the Test Taker Portal or at the test center. There's a fee for re-marking, but it's refunded if your score improves.

EOR outcomes are typically available within 21 days of application, though it may vary based on the sections requested for re-marking. If you haven't heard back after 21 days, please contact us

How long are my IELTS exam results valid for?

Organisations will usually not accept your results if they are more than two years old, unless you provide evidence that you have actively maintained or tried to improve your English since taking the test.

The IELTS Partners cannot confirm the validity of test results that are more than two years old.

Understanding IELTS test scores

Overall band score

You will be given a score from 1 to 9 for each part of the test – Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking. The average produces your overall band score. You can score whole (e.g., 5.0, 6.0, 7.0) or half (e.g., 5.5, 6.5, 7.5) bands in each part of the test.

Your IELTS Test Report Form will also show an overall band score, which is a summary of your proficiency in English factoring in all four test areas.

IELTS Band Score:

IELTS Band Score: 9

Skill level: Expert

  • The test taker has fully operational command of the language.

  • Their use of English is appropriate, accurate and fluent, and shows complete understanding.

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