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What is Enquiry
on Result (EOR)?

The Enquiry on Results (EOR) service enables test takers to request a remarking of their IELTS scores if they feel their performance doesn't accurately reflect their abilities. It's a valuable option for those who suspect an error during the marking process.


  • Test takers can request their Listening, Reading, Writing and/or Speaking test sections to be re-marked if they do not agree with the band score.

  • An Enquiry on Results (EOR) is conducted by IELTS PARTNER.



To apply for an EOR, test takers must:

  • Request an EOR by applying in ORS2 Test Taker Portal no later than six weeks after the date of the test

  • Indicate which sections require re-marking

  • Pay the EOR fee of $160 USD. Test takers must pay the test centre the EOR application fee upon submitting their request.


EOR Outcomes

  • EOR turnaround time is 0 to 21 days.

  • If a test taker is awarded a higher band than the original, they don’t need toreturn the original TRF. They will receive: a new TRFa letter explaining the change/sa full refund of the EOR application feenotification that their selected ROs will be informed of the change.

  • If there is no improvement to the original score, including each section, the test taker is notified. No new TRF will be issued and there will be no refund of the EOR application fee.

If you have any questions or need assistance, contact our centre

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